Time to Let Go: Download 3 Live Acoustic Albums

It’s been quite a while since I last released any music publicly. There are a lot of reasons I’ve held on. Fortunately, those reasons are either no longer applicable or I just don’t care anymore, so today I’m excited  to say that now is the time to let go. Let go of a lot of past expectations. Let go of a lot of frustration. Let go of a lot of insecurities. And let go of a lot of music. I’m making available, simultaneously, a good percentage of my musical repertoire of the last 13 years. You can now download three albums of my original, solo folk. It’s live, not auto-tuned whatsoever, and recorded and mixed nowhere near a studio, so be kind. It’s just me and a guitar playing 30 songs I wrote. Warts and all.  You can download all three albums for free, or pay whatever you’d like. (Any and all financial support is really appreciated, as there is a lot of new work in process!)

3 Live Albums | Drew LaPlante | Album Art Banner

I know this is a lot of music at once. To help roll this all out a bit more subtly, today I’ll be starting my #30DaysOfFolk effort (if you like this idea, feel free to share the songs and posts using this hashtag). Every day until January 1st, 2014, I’ll be releasing one of the thirty songs for free download via ReverbNation

It feels good making room for new musical endeavors, including a fully-produced folktronica album early in the new year. Hopefully you enjoy this round! Thanks for listening.

Paz y Amor,