#30DaysOfFolk Day 11: An Apology by Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 11: An Apology

I can’t speak for all songwriters, but for myself and I’m sure most others, every song I write is in some way an extension of who I am. This one is especially that way. It’s called “An Apology” and is in every way what the title implies. The crux of this apology is the feeling of falling short of the person that you know you can and are meant to be.

This tune was recorded toward the end of a four hour no-break show, so the guitar performance is a bit chunky, but the emotion is there and I believe, worth sharing. You can download it by clicking in the player or here.

Thanks for listening, you can download all three live albums at once here.

Paz y Amor,

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