#30DaysOfFolk Day 13: Broken Crown by Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 13: Broken Crown

Day 13 of #30DaysOfFolk is one of the older, groovier tunes I’ve written. It’s called “Broken Crown” and is about hanging out in the past a bit too long. I’m especially keen on the bridge:

My momma told me once
She said, “Time heals all,
the wounds will fall,
by the wayside — scars.”

Still the scars will show
and everyone will know
where I’ve been before
and the pain I dealt with then.

Do I care?
Oh, you know I don’t care.

Listen to the tune, if you dig it, you can click within the player or download it here.

Thanks for listening, you can download all three live albums at once here.

Paz y Amor,