Day 9 I Will Run #30DaysOfFolk Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 9: I Will Run

I wrote this song at least thirteen years ago but it might as well have been yesterday. The refrain “I will run ’til I break through into my place” I feel just as strongly today as when I initially wrote it. Fortunately, now I can look back and see exactly how far I’ve run since then. I can also look around at the current place I find myself and finally feel like I’m starting to break through into the place I sang about both physically and spiritually.

As I look back on the path I’ve taken, it’s obvious that I definitely did not run the whole way. There was a lot of walking, plenty of standing around, a few fetal positions in the middle of the road and even some backwards travel. Still, whether I was running or standing still, I  never stopped learning more about myself, about other people and about life in general. I’m very thankful for that knowledge and especially for all the people who shared in imparting it (no matter if it was through their positive or negative actions or words).

Whether you’re currently running down your path or curled up in a fetal position, I hope that you know in your soul that you really have the power to manifest the reality you envision. Hard work, an open mind and loving heart will all pay off in the long run — I have to believe this!

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Paz y Amor,