good thoughts

Step out of the whirlwind // Stay rooted and grow // Into the light

This is my personal philosophy and a foundational message that weaves its way through my music. We’re all in whirlwind of sorts, our daily responsibilities swirling directly around us and consuming a majority of our time and energy. It’s not hard to become lost in this vortex, caught up in our mind, stressed out and exhausted. I’ve been there. Many times.

Music is my key to the exit door of the whirlwind. It lifts me to place beyond the swirl where the light is brighter and the love is fuller. Where I can feel my heart open and soul-level communication is possible. Where magic is not just possible, but prevails. This is what I want to share. The serendipitous reality beyond the whirlwind where we can feel the light and grow beyond our fears, doubts and past hurts.

It’s a daily challenge to step out of the whirlwind. It’s a challenge to stay grounded once you do. And it’s a challenge keep pushing past comfort zones and growing into who we are meant to be. I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve discovered this passion for songwriting and performing that helps me to meet these challenges. To see the world beyond the whirlwind and to walk in light with a heart full of love. It is my prayer that the music that I write and perform helps you as well.

For promotional purposes, here’s a brief bio:

Through his music, Drew creates an atmosphere that encourages listeners to live fully and freely from the heart. His upbeat beach-folk inspires human connection and exalts the values of beauty, freedom and love.

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