just be…

“act natural!” that was what she told me as she took my picture.  unfortunately acting natural is an oxymoron. to ‘just be’ is what the goal truly is, and that’s already out of the question when you know there’s a camera clicking away…

which got me thinking: how often do we really ‘just be’?  how often do we take a moment(or much longer as i find it usually requires) to assess who we are?  those moments are blown past us by the whirlwind of constant assessments we’re forced to make: where we are, what we’re doing, and what we need to do.

i stepped out of the whirlwind for a brief time today.  i asked myself “who am i?”.  i couldn’t write all the ensuing thoughts down if i wanted to, but it quickly became clear that the consistent theme was “i know i’m better than i’ve been.”  it inspired me to write this:


i am a better poet than i have been
and i’ll write the wind with my hand
as the poet that i am

i am a better friend than i have been
be friend to all i know i can
as the friend that i am

i am a better lover than i have been
and love i’ll deeper understand
as the lover that i am

i am a better man than i have been
and i resolve to make my stand
as the man that i am