#30DaysOfFolk Day 13: Broken Crown by Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 13: Broken Crown

Day 13 of #30DaysOfFolk is one of the older, groovier tunes I’ve written. It’s called “Broken Crown” and is about hanging out in the past a bit too long. I’m especially keen on the bridge: My momma told me once She said, “Time heals all, the wounds will fall, by the wayside — scars.” Still

#30DaysOfFolk Day 12: Timbuktu by Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 12: Timbuktu

Ever want to get away from it all? Yeah, me too. And my friend Lisa as well. She was having a particularly rough day in Covington, Kentucky as I was strumming a guitar and this song happened. Hopefully you enjoy it, if you do, you can click to download it within the player or right

#30DaysOfFolk Day 11: An Apology by Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 11: An Apology

I can’t speak for all songwriters, but for myself and I’m sure most others, every song I write is in some way an extension of who I am. This one is especially that way. It’s called “An Apology” and is in every way what the title implies. The crux of this apology is the feeling

#30DaysOfFolk Day 10: The Coffee Shop Song

#30DaysOfFolk Day 10: The Coffee Shop Song

Today is the birthday of my friend, musical partner and love, Natalie Lynn. It is also Day 10 of #30DaysOfFolk, so it’s only fitting that this is one we sing together: The Coffee Shop Song. It’s about knowing there’s something there and being patient while figuring it out. Something I’m thankful we’ve done in our relationship. Show

Day 9 I Will Run #30DaysOfFolk Drew LaPlante

#30DaysOfFolk Day 9: I Will Run

I wrote this song at least thirteen years ago but it might as well have been yesterday. The refrain “I will run ’til I break through into my place” I feel just as strongly today as when I initially wrote it. Fortunately, now I can look back and see exactly how far I’ve run since