Coastlines Live EP cover

Letting Go In Life and Music…

I’m starting to focus a lot of energy not only on live shows but also into capturing and sharing the beautiful moments and music that mean so much to me. It’s been a difficult road on that front with my tendency to fall victim to the “never-quite-good-enough” mentality and then end up sitting on hard drives full of content.

I’m old enough now to know that nothing is ever perfect, and I remember my Sunday School lessons about “hiding your light under a bushel” so I’m thankful to be at a point that I can let it shine even if that means a few rough edges or raw notes.

So many of you have been so kind in gently prodding me to let it out into the wild, so here we go…

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Finally, if you’d like to take the support to the next level, I’ve recently released a live EP from the archives, a really fun show from 2015 in Big Pine Key when I was on the Coastlines tour with the one-and-only Taylor Lamborn! You can purchase the digital download on my site at…/drew-laplante-coastlines-ep/

Thanks for all the love and support you’ve shown throughout the years! Time to pay it forward!! Stay in the flow friends… ✌️❤️🌱💧