live happy: an open letter to all creative people…

dear creative persons of the world,

artists, web developers, writers, social networkers, poets, marketers, bloggers, architects, musicians and anyone else who employs their right brain on a regular basis and generates original content: lately i’ve been thinkin’ a lot about what it means to “live happy”. its the mantra that i adopted a few years back when i had the epiphany that happiness is a conscious decision. i believe it now more than ever. with the craziness of the current financial crisis, the absurd political theatre going on, and how this modern world seems to be getting tougher for the average working person; i think its really important for creatives to make the decision to be happy and to generate positive vibes through their work. i understand the old adage that art imitates life and when life is tough its possibly easier to create work that is inline with the negative energy. i know that that may be therapeutic at times, still, i believe that the general public needs to be reminded that life is beautiful and this crazy experiment called consciousness is something to be treasured. we have the opportunity to remind them of that through our work and though it doesn’t always seem like it, the positive energy will be returned at some point. i’ve found that though good karma can get lost out there for awhile, it’ll return eventually. many times when you least expect it.

feel free to disagree with any or all of what i just wrote by taking advantage of the comments section.  its a huge part of the reason i enjoy the blog format.  live happy!