drewlaplante.com is brand new…

thanks for stopping by! just finished the total redesign of my website to offer more content in a more structured way that’s easier to access.  i’ll be continually updating this site as new shows, pics, songs, and video come together.

few things to look forward to in the short term:

  • we’re in the studio finalizing the “five weeks until forever” project.  i wrote five tunes over the course of five weeks baring my heart to a friend (i hoped it would be more…) who was out of town for that time.  i’m still single, but the music is strong…
  • live cuts from a show at adobe gilas in easton will be uploaded.  they feature the very talented jon sisson on hand percussion and dave “i wear my sunglasses at night” on harmonica.  groovy stuff, and a lot of fun to play.
  • “serve with love” a tribute to my grandfather will be recorded and available to download free.  primarily for my family in this time of mourning but others may find it inspirational as well.
  • shows at some great new venues are right around the bend!

i feel a real momentum building and i’m totally enthused by all of those who’ve been coming up to me at shows and letting me know they really connected with the music.  THANK YOU!  i’m also enthused by the formation of the broke jones’: chris robinson on lead guitar and nathan ward on the drums–two really groovy dudes that rock!

have a beautiful day and live happy!!