Rainy night lights

Upcoming Live Release Preview – Started to Rain

It’s been a long time since I’ve let any music out into the ether. Honestly, I’ve been really hung up on achieving a high enough technical audio quality, the quality of performance and general insecurity about releasing a product that is less than what my family, friends and patrons (who have encouraged and supported me for so long) expect and deserve. After a lot soul-searching, practicing, learning how to mix and master at a more professional level, and performing for amazing and enthusiastic crowds, I’ve realized that it’s time to let go and share the music I’ve been writing, performing and recording for years.  I will be releasing close to thirty songs within a week that will be available for download.

The following is one of those thirty and is a solo acoustic version of a tune that will be on the fully-produced album slated to be released later this winter. It’s called “Started to Rain” and I believe a lot of people will listen and think “Yeah, been there before.” To all who have been left in the rain figuratively or literally, this is for you: