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New Shows, Projects and Lots of LOVE in Costa Rica…

Feels wonderful to be back sweating, surfing and jamming again on the Pacifica coast of Costa Rica. This will be and already is a season of new music, working with new musical friends, new projects and a lot of LOVE! I’ve been inspired to create new music and will drop an impromptu video at the

#30DaysOfFolk Day 10: The Coffee Shop Song

#30DaysOfFolk Day 10: The Coffee Shop Song

Today is the birthday of my friend, musical partner and love, Natalie Lynn. It is also Day 10 of #30DaysOfFolk, so it’s only fitting that this is one we sing together: The Coffee Shop Song. It’s about knowing there’s something there and being patient while figuring it out. Something I’m thankful we’ve done in our relationship. Show

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Upcoming Live Release Preview – Started to Rain

It’s been a long time since I’ve let any music out into the ether. Honestly, I’ve been really hung up on achieving a high enough technical audio quality, the quality of performance and general insecurity about releasing a product that is less than what my family, friends and patrons (who have encouraged and supported me